Dyeing Fabric

I love DIY projects! I remember when I was a teenager I bought a skirt that I loved but not the color. I bought Rit liquid dye and I got the color I wanted. This dye has been around forever and I wanted to try it with something new. I will show you how I transformed this crochet spread I recently bought for  $10 at a local thrift store.  Here is a before picture…

First, I purchased the color I wanted. Rit Pearl Grey.

Then, I followed directions on the bottle and filled a bucket of hot water and the dye. I mixed with a wooden spoon. *note* you will see purple but don’t freak out like I did.

Next,  let it sit there as directions state. ( up to 30 min.) Please excuse my dead grass.

Finally, rinse, wash and dry. ( I dried it on low settings in dryer)

I absolutely love how it came out! I love the color and it’s a nice change for the summer in my bedroom. I will definitely try something else.  Showing my own daughter how to do it was fun too! I hope this inspires you to do something too! Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! Comment below.

Before & After Transformations

Hello I’m back to blogging again! It’s been very busy around here. I would like to show you my recent before and afters. I really love when people call me to give their furniture second chances. It’s so much fun being part of room makeovers! I have also updated my for sale gallery. Please check out my Etsy store for up to date listings and follow me on FB and IG for up to the minute finds and inspirations. Helping people is what I enjoy to do and feel free to send me emails (bpupcycled@gmail.com) or comment below for any questions on painting projects.

Makeover dresser found in burn pile. 

Hello! It’s been awhile since I blogged but I’ve been non-stop for months. This week I was able to work on some of my own projects which is very rare. I’m going to show you how I turned this unwanted dresser into a chic piece. I found this piece with a friend in a burn pile ready to be burned! How sad! Actually my friend spotted it first underneath all sorts of junk! The original drawers have been broken and no good! I knew right away with some love this piece had potential. Here is a photo of the burn pile…..

First, I cleaned & vacummed every little detail and corner. I made sure there wasn’t any hidden animals living inside. Ha! Here is a before picture…..

Second, I decided to strip the top and I discovered a new layer of paint in a light pretty coral color. I decided to stop and use that color as a layering piece & slightly sanded off some of the white layer.

Next, I chose Paris Grey ASCP and painted the entire piece with just a light wash of gray on top. I wanted to make sure the coral color would show through.

Then, I went to Lowes with the measurements of where I wanted the shelves. I had them cut 3 pieces of particle board to fit inside. I had to purchase an entire sheet and came home with the extra. I painted these grey too. I also purchased pretty trim that I cut to size.

After, I nailed the boards in the corners I glued the trim. I painted & distressed the entire piece including trim.

The last shelf was giving me a hard time. I had to use wood filler to even everything out. Overall this project to a few days and a lot of elbow grease! I spent about $20 in materials. The dresser was free. I really love how it came out. I’m going to find some cute baskets to put inside shelves. This piece is not for sale. I hope this inspires to think twice about throwing away a dresser. Thanks for reading! Comments appreciated!

Mason Jar Chandelier DIY

Have you seen this on Pinterest and wondered how to make it? This week I will show you how I made this cute mason jar chandelier. You can make it too! Here are the steps.

Gather all materials : Chandelier, jute, mod podge, spray paint, mason jars, round light bulbs, glass pendant, Goop glue.

  1. Find a chandelier and make sure it works. I found one that has the extension to plug in the wall.
  2. Spray paint any color you wish. I painted this one in satin white.
  3. Wrap jute around with mod podge. I used a paint brush to cover the area first and then add the jute tightly around. This requires lots of patience.  image image image

4. Next, spray paint the mason jar lids in the same color as the chandelier.

5. Glue the jar lids on the bottom where the light rests. I used Goop glue. You screw in the mason jar onto these.

image 6. Let everything dry overnight. The next day screw in the round light bulbs and mason jar. Add the glass pendant for a chic look. I used jewelry pliers to attach it to the bottom. Now it’s ready!

This is for sale! Going to Wagon wheel! I love making things that you can’t go buy at the store and not everyone has! I can’t wait for someone to enjoy this in their home. Thanks for reading!

DIY jewelry displays

New year means new projects around here! Recently I had the opportunity to expand my boutique area. I started with a small wall in a boutique and now I have a bigger space to offer really cute boutique items and clothes along with my painted furniture. I’m going to show you how to make your own jewelry displays with things you may have around your home.

First, with any project I like to challenge myself with “use what you have” mentality. I went to my backyard and found small branches.


Second, I took gold spray paint (which I had from a previous project) and sprayed all the branches gold and let dry.



Third, I took a jar I had from my kitchen. I used a strand of pearls from Christmas decorations and filled the jar. My first jewelry display was done!


Fourth, I found a scrap piece of wood that I painted and added a back of a frame with small nails.


Last, I nailed wire brads on top of scrap of wood to hold jewelry.


Both projects took about an hour total to complete. I’m very happy with the results. I can’t wait to put it my new section of the boutique with cool jewelry.


Thanks for reading. I hope this inspires you to make your own display! Check out my current items for sale in my gallery. Just keep scrolling down!


Side table before & after

This week I enjoyed turning an ordinary side table into a super adorable piece. Here are the steps for the makeover.

  • First I cleaned it with a damp cloth. Here is a before picture.
  • image
  • Second, I had leftover paint from a previous project and decided to paint it Graphite (ASCP). Two coats and let dry. I took the drawer out and did not paint that part. I flipped the piece over to get better coverage on the legs. (Always a good idea to flip over and paint)
  • Next, I applied a coat of wax and lightly distressed edges with a sand block.
  • Then, I changed the knob on the drawer.
  • image
  • Finally, I waited overnight and buffed the piece with a clean cotton rag the next day.
  • imageIt’s ready for a new home now! My friend recently gave me this piece. (Thanks Jaime!) I’m very excited that someone will enjoy this piece in their home. It’s for sale! Thanks for reading!

Farmhouse style coffee table makeover

When you see good bones on a piece of furniture you snatch it! That’s exactly what I did when I purchased this table from a friend! I’m going to show you what I did to turn it to a very cool piece!

  • First, I cleaned it with a damp rag. The top was sanded down already when I purchased it. (Woo hoo!) Here is a before photo: image
  • Second, I decided to stain the top using Java gel. I used a foam brush to apply evenly on top. Working in small sections at a time I applied then swiped off with a rag.
  • Next, I decided to paint the legs old white (ASCP). I wanted to add an unexpected flair to the piece without compromising the farmhouse look. I taped off edge and painted trim on top white too. I painted two coats on the legs and trim.
  • Then, I waxed the legs and trim. I used dark wax mixed with mineral spirits to get the glazed/antique look.imageimage
  • Finally, I distressed legs and applied one more clear wax coat for extra protection! I added a polycrylic satin coat on top 2x.image
  • Coffee tables get a lot of wear and tear so that’s why I added extra protection. The knobs I switched out too. I’m really happy how it turned out. What do you think? It’s for sale at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall! Remember I’m on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! I’m also working on my etsy store that is ready! Thank you for reading my blog!image

3 things to do with an empty frame

As we approach a new season I wanted to share 3 ideas you can do with frames. I personally love frames! All shapes and sizes! I love creating with frames. I also sell them in my booth at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall & My Anchored Soul Boutique. image

  1. This frame was painted white and distressed lightly. Staple twine in the back and add art work of your choice. (Curbside Design sells these bible page art at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall) Right now this frame is in my home!

image 2. This was an unwanted shadow box frame. I added burlap and lace. I screwed in white hooks to hold jewelry. Makes a great jewelry organizer!


3.  Add fencing wire or chicken wire to a frame and instant organizer! This frame is currently for sale at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall for only $7!

There are unlimited ideas. If you follow me on FB or IG you will see I’m always posting frame ideas. I hope this inspires you to do something with frames. Thank you for reading. Share your ideas! I would love to hear from you.


Armoire makeover

  • I’m  going to show you how I transformed this vintage armoire. Here is a before photo…image
  • First, I cleaned it with TSP and aired it out for a few weeks. It had an unpleasant smell to it. I also used fabric softener sheets and placed them randomly inside.
  • image
  • Next, I chose French Linen ASCP color for the first and second coat. I worked all around from top to bottom making sure I painted all the areas. Here is a video I shared on Instagram and Facebook…..
  • Then, I worked on the details of the piece with Old White ASCP using a small brush.
  • imageimage
  • The next step is adding some depth and I clear waxed the outside of the armoire.
  • I took 1/2 water 1/2  of old white ASCP ( one tablespoon)and painted on randomly. I used a white rag and rubbed off after 15-20 seconds.  This created a subtle white washed look. (Very hard to show picture of the results)
  • image

The inside of armoire was the last thing I worked on. I painted inside two coats of Old White ASCP. I light distressed the outside and inside with a sand block.



While everything is drying I painted the original handles old white. For a splash of color I replaced 4 with blue glass ones I purchased at Hobby Lobby. ( FYI Hobby Lobby has knobs on sale every other week!)


Overall it took about 2 1/2 weeks to complete this project. The armoire has wheels so it can be easily transported. I’m very happy how it turned out. What do you think?

* I apologize for the pictures. The lighting in my home is not that great and the weather lately has not helped with better lighting. *


I will be bringing it to Wagon Wheel Antique Mall next week. Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom and check out my items currently for sale. Thank you for reading!